Fluid Scaling Technology (FAST) is a simple way to self-organize people around work - that scales.

FAST (also called FAST Agile) is a standalone method for a team or team of teams (tribe) to collaborate and flex.

FAST can be used on any creative endeavor and can be used in place of your current agile process or scaled agile process.

FAST differs from other agile and agile scaling models in that:

    • it allows for fluid team formation
    • it is built on Open Space Technology and not Scrum
    • it works from the small scale to the large (5-150 people per tribe, then scale by tribes)
    • self-organization is not just lip service, it's inescapable

FAST is equal parts - agile framework, teal framework, culture-changing tool and way to kick-start or maintain innovation in your organization.

Fluid Process

The FAST Guide is now downloadable in PDF Format.

For a high-level overview, start with The FAST Process