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About Ron Quartel

Ron Quartel is a Teal, Agile and Technical Coach. His passion is for healthy and productive workplaces. He has been programming computers for over three decades and has worked as a Development Manager, Coach, Trainer, Extreme Programmer, and Entrepreneur. This work spanned many companies and is where Ron realized that for the most part, the world of work is not only broken but is crushing the human spirit. This started Ron on a journey that set him on his life path of - "untethering the human spirit in the workplace". FAST is a contribution to this effort.

Ron is available to speak or keynote. Contact Ron for any FAST information or to be put in touch with a recommended consulting partner - or find him on LinkedIn.

Ron Quartel is the founder of Fluid Scaling Technologies and Owner of Cron Technologies LLC.
Cron Technologies LLC is a consulting firm.