Supporting materials for FAST

Open Allocation

Open allocation refers to a management style in which employees are given a high degree of freedom in choosing what projects to work on, and how to allocate their time. FAST is a combination of many ideas from Open Allocation and Open Space Technology.

Valve Handbook for New Employees

One of the best examples of Open Allocation is the company Valve. Take a look at their Handbook for New Employees on how it works there, and maybe pick up some other great ideas for your FAST implementation!

Product Management

FAST aims to cater to Product Development as defined by Marty Cagan in his book Inspired. This represents a different way of working for software developers used to other now-traditional agile methods that are heavily focused on delivery only.

"A big part of the concept of product teams is that they are there to solve hard problems for the business. They are given clear objectives, and they own delivering on those objectives. They are empowered to figure out the best way to meet those objectives, and they are accountable for the results."