1 - Have a mindset congruent with FAST values and principles

    • Believe in the power of self-organization and Open Space Technology
    • Trust that your developers are skilled, caring and will do the right thing

2 - Stop Doing What Doesn't Work

    • Stop viewing and treating developers as fungible assets
    • Stop micromanaging

3 - Willingness to experiment

    • Don't start FAST on a project with a critical deadline
    • Join the FAST Community and read about what experiments others have tried to gain insight on any experiments you are thinking of starting
    • Get a FAST consultant to help you out if you are nervous. (Go to Contact Us and someone will get back to you with a recommended consulting firm/agent.)

4 - Facilities and personnel requirements

  • Co-locate the entire dev team that is on the product
  • Seed your FAST tribe with a small core team of Code Crafters
    • Have dedicated office space that will support a large meeting every iteration boundary for the tribe and have smaller collaboration rooms/areas for the swarms (5-20 devs). See facilities.

Now find out about the Roles.